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Wild olive or anacahuita is a South Texas staple! They love our heat and show it with large white blossoms from spring to fall. The trunk is gnarly and rarely ramrod straight. The fruit (or olive) is not edible and a bit messy, so this tree is best planted over lawn or ground cover.  Expect a lower fork than other shade trees. At maturity, they are rarely taller than 10 or 12 feet but are usually wider than they are tall.   This is a great accent tree, understory tree, or parking lot tree.   It also mixes well with palm trees.

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The Texas Mountain Laurel is native to southwest and central Texas.   Its wisteria-like flowers are one of the first signs of spring.   They are usually dark purple - but sometime you will find a pale pink or whiteish one.   The distinctive fragrance is much like a grape soda.  The flowers are followed by a 3-5 inch seed pod which  will harden by fall.   The leaves are dark green  and waxy. They are poisonous to livestock; the flowers and seeds are poisonous to people. Deer are smart enough not to eat it.

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Desert WIllow

This small flowering tree is so lush that you would never guess that it's a desert plant.  It grows naturally in west Texas and throughout the southwest United States.   It produces flowers from June through October on fresh growth - so feel free to trim it to maintain the shape and size you want. 

Its mature height will be anywhere from 20' - 30' but it is easy to maintain it as short as 15' if your project calls for that.   The more pruning the thicker and lusher the canopy. 

Desert Willow is not a willow at all, but a catalpa.  It does, however, have willow-shaped leaves.   In nature, it is found along streams and dry washes.  Plant it in any type soil - just make sure the soil is well drained.   It's a great parking lot tree, a great foundation anchor, and a real butterfly and hummingbird magnet.  

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Texas Persimmons

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