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About Us

Simmons Oak Farms has been growing for the nursery industry for over 15 years now.   We are a family farm and  part of a family that has farmed in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas since 1919 - five generations so far.  Mary Beth Simmons, TCNP, directs the nursery branch.  In addition, our outside manager, Tony de la Rosa, brings over 35 years experience in the nursery trade.   Our sales team of Alvin Dunn and Audrey Hooks would love to find the perfect material for your job. If we don't grow it, we probably have friends who do.

We are wholesale growers of trees, palms, and desert plants.  Established in 2002, Simmons Oak Farms is located in Harlingen, Texas.  We currently have 150 acres in production.   Most of our shade trees are field-grown in RootMaker bags. This process prunes the roots as they reach the bags material, eliminating any circling roots.  The end product has a fibrous root system that is ready to take off after installation.  Another benefit is that we are able to safely harvest most species year round. We also field-grow a large variety of palm trees.   Good genetics, nutrition and spacing have given us beautiful specimen palms with hefty, healthy trunks!   Our customers receive them fresh-harvested with shrink-wrapped rootballs.   Simmons Oak Farms is committed to providing the nursery trade with a quality product at a reasonable price.